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Surf Day ToursShort trips, memories that last a lifetime

Tour Location
Costa del Sol beach break and Jaltepeque’s Estuary in the department of La Paz

Tour description
We’ll pick you up at your hotel in San Salvador and head to the beautiful beaches of Costa del Sol in the department of La Paz. This is a one hour drive (75 kms.); on a scenic drive that takes us from 1,837 ft to sea level. Costa del Sol’s gentle beach break, combined with the smooth waters and breathtaking scenery of the estuary are the ideal setting for our surf clinic.

Upon arrival, we'll head to our beginner’s break (which is right in front of our base camp). Our professional instructors provide proper surf boards which will help you get started in one of the most exciting and popular sports our country has to offer. The equipment consists of a longboard that has been chosen according to your size and ability level, a leash, and a bar of wax.

Before we get in the water, you’ll learn surf basics: water safety, reading the ocean, proper standing, proper foot positioning, balance and paddling techniques, surf etiquette and much more. These practice drills are first carried out on the sand until everybody gets comfortable. Instructors always check with our guests to find out individual comfort levels.

Most probably we’ll have the beach all to ourselves, therefore there’s always plenty of space available so you can focus on your surfing instead of worrying about the crowds.

On this trip you will learn how to ‘turtle roll’ (if riding a longboard), or a ‘duck dive’ (if using a shortboard). These methods show our guests the proper way to ‘pass’ or ‘go over’ incoming broken waves.

After lunch, you can take a nap in a hammock by the pier or just relax by the pool. Your afternoon schedule takes you wake surfing through amazing mangrove forests. The views of flora and fauna are spectacular, especially during October, which are home to many migrating birds.

This popular part of our surf clinic will build your confidence as you get to spend more time on top of the board; while teaching you how to properly turn from rail to rail. It does wonders by guaranteeing a fun packed experience. As our day ends, you will get to see some of the most beautiful sunsets El Salvador has to offer. We can’t get enough…

Please note: this itinerary is designed to give you an idea of what to expect during our trip but it is not set in stone. What we actually do on a given day is flexible and can be tailored to weather conditions and the interests of the group.

Breaks surfed: Costa del Sol’s beach break.

2 person $285
3 person $195
4 person $160
5 person $130
6 person $190
7 person $165
8 person $155
9 person $130
10 person $130

Wire transfer to Cadejo Adventures’ bank account.
50 % upon reservation 
Remaining balance due 7 days prior to tour start date. 

Standard Price includes:
• Transportation from San Salvador/Costa del Sol/San Salvador.
• Use of our fully equipped 21' Sea Cat Power Catamaran with two Mercury outboards for our wake surfing session.
• 1 full day of professional surf/wake surf instruction 
• We provide one guide and one vehicle per every group of up to 5 guests.
• Non alcoholic beverages.
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