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Let me start by thanking you again for sharing your country, your culture, and yourself with my brother and I on what was one of best surfing trips ever. 

Roberto, Miami
I am already missing the Salvadorian sun, our lazy breakfasts and spending most of the day in the water! Thanks to everyone for such an amazing trip.

Sarah, USA
“….everything went well and if anything, was more than I could have asked for. Cadejo did a fantastic job of taking my initial vague inquiry to a truly grand tour of El Salvador.” 

“We laughed so hard all the way home about our favorite times from the trip.”

Elena, Atlanta
What a great trip! I can't tell you how much fun we had. When we saw you and then Luis at the airport we knew it was game on. 

Can't wait for the next trip with the Beers bras. 

Marc, Chicago
If I had to rate this trip on an overall basis, I would have to say that this was the second best trip of my life, and the best trip that I've had both recently and in Latin America. Notwithstanding a recent and ongoing shoulder injury, I found Roy's performance, as usual, outstanding. If I hadn't, I wouldn't be coming back, and with me, that speaks volumes.

David, Canada
Roy, I love it -- the coach of the baby yogurts AND expert falconer. You are like Clark Kent turning into Superman! 

I hope I'll get to see you in action as falconer someday soon. It really was wonderful to get to know you and El Salvador... you're truly one-of-a-kind, and your enthusiasm for everything you do is infectious. Thank you for sharing that with us. :) 

Bonnie, NY
Hi Roy, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful time you showed us, in spite of the fact that you were having a rough group. You are the greatest, and right on the money with the birds in the Mangrove and on the beach etc. Ricardo showed us a great time, thanks again for your hospitality and friendship. 

Say hi to Chucky. He is really fun, and a little Diablo. Your friend in falconry, 

Craig, Chicago
From the very beginning I felt that Edy was going to go out of his way to make everything go smooth and that I was in good hands.

hi friends, as promised, here's how to get in touch with the team along with our fearless trip leader, mr. roy "yes!" beers rivas. What a fun, fantastic el salvador adventure -- thanks again to you all for making it great. jane, lizzie, and i will be shredding in san francisco later this week, daydreaming of the warm waters of el sunzal as we squeeze into head-to-toe winter wetsuits. 

andy, send us updates on your knee! and luis' stellar surf photos will be coming soon from me or jason... un abrazo fuerte, 

bonnie, NY
I had a great time last week (as did everyone) and very much appreciated you guidance, teaching and flexibility.

You and the gang did a great job and I appreciate all your hard work. 

All the best, if you are ever in Chicago – give a call and we’ll get together 

andy, send us updates on your knee! and luis' stellar surf photos will be coming soon from me or jason... un abrazo fuerte, 

Thanks again B, Chicago
Ricardo, once again let me say how much we appreciated your patience with our special requests and your willingness to spend extra time each day of our tour. Your bird knowledge was a bonus for us, too. Your map is perfect, a concise reminder of the route we followed. And the bird ID’s help with my list. Many thanks. 

Connie & Sam , USA
You were fantastic. Enjoyed everything about our trip. I hope our paths cross again 

Mike, USA
“Miss you my man, I as Arnold Schwarzenegger said in the movie Terminator, " I'll be back" back to El Salvador that it is, maybe late Oct, god willing, we shall see.” 

Roberto, Miami

I already made it home and just wanted to say thanks again for the awesome instruction and helping me FINALLY learn how to surf. It was an amazing experience for me and I enjoyed learning about El Salvador's history and culture too. You have my email address now so please send me any pictures you have of me. It was a great week. 

Thanks again, Ryan, USA
Dear Roy, Javier and Mauricio!

Great to hear from you! I’m up in Maine, where it’s quite cold and the leaves are changing for autumn in reds, yellows and oranges. 

I have much work to do this weekend, including trying to get some articles done about the multi adventure trip in El Salvador. It was a great time and I feel so privileged to have been able to meet you three. Thanks for all your kindness, and your sharing of knowledge and the beauty of your country. I look forward to the next opportunity to see you! 

David, Maine
El Imposible: a great little hostel/hotel, great accommodations, good food. 

Montecristo: Accommodations were good, good food. 

David, Canada
“…getting Papusa's in La Libertad the last night was pretty hilarious. but honestly, the entire trip was memorable and I feel lucky and honored to have had Edy as my guide and now my friend. El Salvador is truly La Magnifica !” 

“…it’s cold and pouring rain today here, but at least I have a good tan and happy El Salvador memories to get me through!” 

Elena, Atlanta
Roy, again thanks for a special experience with “Chucky” your Harris Hawk. Your work in putting together our wishes for El Salvador and providing Ricardo to implement the plan made for a very pleasant and successful trip. 

Connie & Sam USA
What can I say but thanks to everyone for a truly incredible week. 

Jane , USA
Great fun! Thanks Marc for putting it together. I never had any doubts about El Salvador! 

Yousuf, Chicago
Roy, Thanks for your note. I had a wonderful trip and many great memories --- I truly appreciate the skills required for surfing!!!

I enjoyed all of the activities but, most of all, this trip would not have been nearly as much fun without you, Luis, and Javier. You have such a positive & fun attitude that made my experience so enjoyable. I'm glad I had a chance to spend time in El Salvador and learn about the culture & people.

All the best! 

Marty, USA
We had such an awesome time...and of course we are telling everyone about your awesome set up. Will write a review soon. 

Val, USA

Thank you for our great surf trip to El Salvador. I had unforgettable moments in the warm Salvadorean Pacific water. Let's make plans for other trips in the near future. Your bird looks amazing ! 

Jacques, Brazil

i had a stellar time as well, in no small part because i got to hang out with you guys. 

Jason, USA
Hi Roy,

John and I had a wonderful trip! Java was great, we enjoyed him a lot. I would rate everything about the tour and Java a 10. I was happy with our hotel. We weren't there much anyway. It was nice that Java was able to be the one to pick us up and drop us off at the airport. Java was a great ambassador for El Salvador. I enjoyed the first day, surf lessons in the morning and then going out on the boat. I would definitely recommend El Salvador and your company. Right now I cannot think of anything for you to improve on, but will let you know if I think of anything. 

Hi Roy,

i am in brazil. i have a 5.5 hour post-red eye, layover in sao paulo.

this makes me very, very grumpy.

just walked past a man in the airport sitting on a surf board, wearing an el salvador surf shirt. and yesterday, bonnie and i went to our favorite san francisco restaurant. they had 3 beers. one of them was pilsener from el salvador.

these are signs. lets all go back. 

Andy, USA
Once again thank you so much for your hospitality, I can't say enough about what a good week I had! 

Andy, Oregon

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